Friday, April 18, 2014


“When angels fell, they fell in anguish because once they had seen the face of God and now they never would again.”

Her eyes blinked in attempt to force her blurred vision into focus.  The room slowly came into view as she picked herself up and staggered over to the dresser. Not being able to see herself in the mirror was just wishful thinking. Maybe it was just she no longer recognize the reflection looking back at her.
Lost in thoughts of what could have been, only to be born into reality of lies and what never will be corroded her peace of mind. It had not made her wanting him any less it just turned wanting him into torture. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


She could have anything or anyone she pleases.
Do you wonder why she chose you? 
Do you wonder if she regrets it? 
Has she changed towards you? 

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Goodbye Kiss

Moments where your heart hurts so bad you truly feel like you're going to break in half. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dream of Lies

Her eyes fluttered open to see a prince standing before her. Though she was leery he won her over with his whispered promises. He swore himself different than those who broke her heart and brought her to her slumber. His hand outstretched he waited patiently until finally it met with hers. He slowly brought her back to her feet.

Woken from her peaceful rest she is brought into his world shattered. Her heart in pieces, her mind struggling to gain control so not to repeat her past. Silently she becomes more and more aware that her mind is loosing its battle. What she once thought impossible, pieces slowly begin to feel love.

She could not foresee the price at which this love will cost. This love is not created the same as her past. It's weighted heavier, stronger with a powerful pull that is indescribable by mere words. Love flowing into a broken vessel has no other option but to run through its many cracks falling deep into her soul to grow.

The prince sees the change in her, doubt being replaced by faith. He drops his veil releasing his true nature. His vows are replaced by excuses of when his promises will be made true.

Her eyes desperately seek his in search of her prince that set out long ago to be her savior. He can not hold the lies from her any longer. What hope he had created in her is replaced with sorrow in her eyes and a mourning in her soul.

A sinking feeling pours down deep into her depths washing the reality over her. Realization that her prince was her ultimate demise. She was woken with a kiss only to chase a dream of lies!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Deep wound

Days like today when I finally feel fine and then thoughts of you creep into my mind. It's the daily reminder that I can't escape. I'm still hopelessly in love with a man who no longer exists.

I've been here before. Down a dark painful path. Left only with shattered pieces of hope. Struggling to convince myself I don't care.

You could not see the man I saw. You were incapable of loving yourself so how could I have thought you could actually love me? I'm disappointed and heartbroken that you could make me feel as if I wasn't enough.

I hold tight to the sleepless nights and the pain. It's all I have left to remind me why these walls should never again be broken. I have to burry the secret hopes that your promises were true and this is just a bad dream. Say goodbye to the hopeless romantic beliefs that you will come back to wake me from this nightmare. It was done once with just a simple kiss, but that was a time when possibilities were believed to be endless. 

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Self Destruction

She stands on the edge of a cliff watching the darkness close in around her. Above, the clouds roll in. The wind starts to blow. Lightning flashes across the sky. The storm builds in her eyes.

Her anger returned, unexpected. The reality of the betrayal seeps in.

The wind picks up in a chaotic pattern. Her hair whips against her face. Her eyes begin to sting with tears, as she feels the wound opening from her chest.

The trees sway rhythmically beating in time with her rising pulse. She feels the fury building up, coursing through her veins as the air becomes electric around her. It builds and builds.

Her body starts to convulse. Her head is forced back by a pain filled scream escaping her throat. Her eyes wide open filled with black clouds and lightning. A single tear escapes the depths of its prison of darkness. It trickles from the corner of her eye down to her cheek.

She is returning to what she knew best, her walls and ice.

Her haunting cry echoes off the cliff. The wind gusts shove her to her knees. She crosses her hands tight over her chest trying to protect the growing wound. The single tear falls from her cheek to the raging sea below. Her trembling body can do nothing but watch it melt into the crashing tides along the cliff.

The storm frenzies out of control. It rips threw her body as the darkness surrounds her, leaving nothing left.